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Baby Probitic Drops

Studies show that 9 out of 10 babies are missing good gut bacteria. Supplementing with Baby Probiotics can help restore the good gut bacteria in babies tummies. And the right probiotic strains can support your baby’s digestive and immune health, and

Are the Baby Probiotic Drops Kosher?

Our baby probiotic is not Kosher certified, but it is something we’re looking into. The product is pure, with nothing but the probiotic strains and organic sunflower oil.

How many CFU's of lactobacillus reuteri does the Baby Probiotic Drops contain?

The Mama Natural Baby Probiotic contains 200,000,000 CFU of lactobacillus reuteri.

What specific strains does the Mama Natural Baby Probiotics contains for L. Rhamnosus & L. Reuteri?

The subspecies info for those two strains are:.

How is the organic sunflower extracted in the Baby Probiotics?

Our High Oleic Virgin Organic Sunflower Oil is cold pressed, which is done at lower temperatures than expeller pressed. Since these oils are pressed at a lower temperature, they retain their unrefined healthy antioxidants that would otherwise be dest

Where is the Baby Probiotic Drops made?

The Baby Probiotic Drops is manufactured in the USA. The organic, high oleic sunflower oil comes from Europe. Of the 10 probiotic strains, 8 are manufactured in the USA and 2 are from Sweden.

What age range is the Baby Probiotic Drops for?

The Baby Probiotic Drops are best suited for ages 0-24 months.

Are the Baby Probiotic Drops safe for a newborn?

The Baby Probiotic Drops probiotics are specially formulated for babies aged 0-24 months.

Is it safe for the Baby Probiotic Drops to be shipped in extreme heat or cold?

Our probiotics are crafted with extra strength at the time of production to maintain the CFU at time of use. Our probiotics have been tested and shown to withstand normal temperature variance during transit. One of the tests they do is at very high t

What is the shelf life of the Baby Probiotic Drops?

The shelf life for Baby Probiotics is 6 months or longer. The product will keep a little longer if you store them in the fridge.

How many servings comes does the Baby Probiotic Drops contain?

There are 30 servings in each 8 ml bottle of Baby Probiotic Drops.

The Baby Probiotic Drops look cloudy?

Probiotics are not oil or water-soluble, meaning they don’t dissolve. Instead, they’re suspended in the organic sunflower oil. This can sometimes cause the formula to appear cloudy. It is very important to shake vigorously before each use. That way,