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Nipple Cream

Repair Painful Nipples from Breastfeeding · Relief for Sore, Itchy Breasts & Nipples

What is the shelf life of the Nipple Cream?

The shelf life of this product is between one and a half and two years. This allows plenty of time to get the full value from it.

Does the Nipple Cream help with thrush?

This product does not get rid of or prevent thrush. The Mama Natural Nipple Cream does help:.

Does the Nipple Cream ingredient lactobacillus ferment contain dairy?

No dairy was used in the lactobacillus ferment - that ingredient is vegan. Ingredients:.

Is the Nipple Cream safe to use while pregnant?

The Mama Natural Nipple Cream is perfectly safe to use while pregnant, but it was designed to be used to soothe hardworking nipples that are sore from nursing.