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Is it possible to do a natural birth without a doula and just have my partner instead?Updated a year ago

We cover a number of different comfort measures in the course, including counter pressure on the sacrum, hip squeezes, etc.

The course does very much aim to train the partners to play a more active role during childbirth. And to be way more familiar with the process and how things are likely to play out. And to support the mom in a proactive, calm, and prepared way. But the course doesn't - can't - train the partner to become the doula or birth attendant.

Fact is, doulas get a lot of training and firsthand experience by attending many childbirths before they become certified. There's just no way to train people to that degree online.

Additionally, because your partner is typically so close to you emotionally, they have special strengths and weaknesses in the birthing room. Sometimes, it's very hard for partners to see their significant others experiencing things that are very intense.

In the course, we advocate strongly for doulas. We say, "your partner knows you, doulas know childbirth."

I realize this doesn't help you if you're not in a position to bring an additional birth worker to your birth center or hospital. Sorry. Just trying to explain the limitations of what a course can and can't do.

But I will say that your partner is likely to be WAY better prepared after going through the course as opposed to going in cold.

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